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We are Charming Acres Puppies and the Coblentz family, Ed & Kathy.

It is our joy to present Charming Acres Puppies, where our beloved English Cream Golden Retrievers complete the huge circle of love that binds us together with our adorable grandchildren!

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Our Story

Our story begins on 10 acres at the foothills of the beautiful scenic Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. We enjoy God's glorious handiwork and the majestic view of the Smokies from our home and front lawn, as well as the clean, fresh, pure air all around us!

We have been blessed with five wonderful daughters; three daughters are married, and our two youngest are still at home.

At Charming Acres, we strive to “RISE ABOVE THE ORDINARY” with well socialized, happy and healthy puppies, for our family and yours! Our goal is for excellence in all we do. We love to place our beloved little friends in your hands and see the bonding take place! It is such a joy to share the love for our Goldens with others that are wanting a wonderful family pet and companion!

English Cream Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers - America's Favorite

Golden Retrievers are easily one of America's most favorite dog breeds..and for good reason. Their gentle, family-friendly temperaments make them virtually irresistible!

What is an English Cream?

Named for their highly-desirable cream colored coat, our English-bred Golden Retrievers are slightly more stocky than their American counterparts, and are known for their affectionate personality, intelligence, and loyalty.


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Health & Nutrition

By breeding our puppies from premier bloodlines and ideal temperaments, we help ensure we raise only the happiest, most healthy puppies! Proper nutrition is extremely important as well, and we use only the finest quality feed and supplements designed for life-long health and wellness. 

All our puppies are guaranteed with a clean bill of health, and all current vaccinations before they are sent to their new homes. These powerful supplements are designed to optimize the health of your new puppy!

    Recommended Feeding

   We recommend a 4 or 5 star

                   dog food


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